As "BBARTT", Bart van den Berg performs as a proud and self-confident stuttering speaker and motivator. BBARTT himself is a successful example and outcome of his own message: "Turn weakness into a strength!"
He discovered how he could use his stuttering and his ability to deal with it, to stand out positively. Based on his own process and experience he has created a 4-step method on how to turn a weakness into a strength. This method, with the name "Asperations", is meant to be used by people who feel that a disability or weakness is an obstacle in daily life and work.
BBARTT presents "Asperations" at a variety of occasions like: training sessions on personality- and communicational skills, congresses and events of patients associations, events on inspiration, motivation and empowerment.
He is performing in a spontaneous, vivid and humorous way. Driven by the inspiration from his own experience; driven by the aspiration of helping and empowering others in their life and career.
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