Bart has developed his ideas and experience into a 4-step method with the name "Asperations" which will be presented by Bart at an event. "Asperations" is generally applicable and is meant for a variety of people with their different disabilities or less developed skills. His own story and disability is only an example, a case.
The strong message and the distinctive and remarkable phenomenon of the "stuttering speaker" come together in the brand name of BBARTT. His performance as BBARTT represents the succesful outcome and result of his own process.
Bart (born in 1970) lives in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He is married and has two sons. Besides his profession as Speaker & Motivator he is a freelance IT network specialist. He also is busy as a columnist / writer; he regularly publishes articles on "IT & Society". In his spare time, Bart is keen on running: he often takes part in running events all over the country where he does the 15km and 21km runs. Soon he aims to run and reach the finish of a full Marathon..
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