As a practical exercise of speech therapy, Bart had to tell about his stuttering to small groups of students who study Speech Therapy & Science at the "Hogeschool Arnhem-Nijmegen" ("HAN" College). The numbers of students and the size of rooms increased and it didn't take long before Bart gave his lectures to groups of more than eighty students in the large auditorium of the HAN, twice a year. He has been doing this up to now and it often occurs that a lecture has to be given in English or German.
Bart enjoyed the attention and exposure and the activity of giving lectures and presentations. He felt that he could do more in this field and he felt that he could make a next step to professionalize this activity. A recurring topic in his lecture has always been the respect and admiration you gain when you activily speak out about your disability and make it a topic of an open discussion. It shows your strength, confidence and maturity. By this you'll leave a positive and distinctive impression on the people you met. This strategy of how to turn a weakness into a strength, is valid and applicable for many other disabilities and personal weaknesses. The message could be useful to a much greater audience..
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