You allow your disablity to exist; you give it room and a place to be. However you ARE not your disability; you HAVE your disability..besides all other unique features you have. Recognize and appreciate them and let them flourish. Your disablity will be incorporated at the bookshelf of all your features and qualities

Tell with pride about your process of acceptance to the outside world. Show them how conscious and mature you deal with your disability. Your strong, confident en transparant 'coming out' will make a major positive impression!
You, your disability and your way of dealing with your disability make a unique combination. Find a way to apply your unique skills and experience in your daily activities and profession. Let your unique skills help you to stand out and to make a difference; your weakness becomes your strength.
You have found a niche in the market with your unique skills. Refine, enhance, make improvements and raise publicity for your unique case. Take it seriously, become a professional, and charge money..
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